Traveling on budget

For anyone like me, you constantly hear the world calling your name, beckoning you to run away and explore it. Wanderlust is totally a real syndrome and sadly an expensive one. You have to put travel above everything else. It has to be a lifestyle. People don’t magically save up enough money to backpack across Europe by accident.

The time to travel doesn’t usually fall into people’s laps, either. It’s hard, but you have to put travel before everything else to make it work. Future trips have to be more important to you than eating out with friends, gym memberships, shopping habits, and late-night Uber rides.

A lot of my tricks involve cutting corners, saving money and even compromising on travel. It takes practice and time to fall into the habit of a travel-minded lifestyle. We don’t have large savings accounts, but we do travel a lot because that’s important to us. Here are my biggest tips for saving up and getting out there.

If you get bonuses at work, work for them! I work at a garage door repair company and if we can sell a brand new door, we get a commision! Work hard!

Cook all your meals yourself. Seriously. This goes with #1 of not eating out. Spending $10 each day for lunch seems small, but that’s $50 a week, $200 a month. Or, $2400 a year that could easily cover a month of travel across seas or 3-4 small trips within the USA. We cook all of our meals and make bigger portions to take to work for lunch so we don’t have to be forced to throw money away on takeout. Yes, it’s time-consuming, but your body and wallet will thank you.

Try “Lockdown” months. I put us on “lockdown” months where we don’t spend anything outside of food, rent, and bills. Think of it as a trade. You’re giving up your yoga classes, happy hours, new shoes and nail salon days one month for a trip to someplace you’ve never been before. You’ll be shocked at how much you’ll rack up when you aren’t spending on so many little things.

Automatically have $100 a month sent to your savings account. And then don’t touch it! I have my bank automatically tuck savings away each month for me and I never consider my savings account as money I can use. Having a little less in my checking makes me more aware of everything I’m spending and by not touching my savings, I can grow it quickly.

Plan to cut corners while traveling. Maybe it’s that budget hotel or you choose to walk everywhere instead of taking Ubers. You can have a late breakfast/early lunch each day to hold you over until dinner to only have two meals a day instead of 3. Or perhaps you like to see a city by just exploring it instead of taking guided tours or going to expensive museums. Sometimes to make a trip within my budget, I know I have to cut corners somewhere else during the actual trip.

Book on Hotel Tonight instead of planning stays way in advance. I love this app so much – they work with hotels that haven’t sold out their rooms and want to list them at a discounted price. You can score nice places for a fraction of the listing price.

Or use Airbnb, especially when you are staying in the same city for more than 3 or 4 nights. I always take advantage of the kitchens and do a quick grocery shop so I can save money on breakfast, morning coffee, snacks, even dinners. Get $2o off here.

Just do it. When it all boils down, you have to just do it. Just book that ticket and stop giving yourself reasons why you shouldn’t travel. It won’t be time wasted and yes, you’ll come home to less in your bank account, but you’ll have priceless memories. Looking back at my life, my most vivid memories are the ones from travels, not weekends with Netflix or comfortable nights with the same friends at the same bar. Just do it.

Obtain a Great Travel Guide

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Why trip with a manual? Is not that a person extra point to transport concerning? Cannot you obtain all the understanding you call for currently on the web? Yes, you probably could, yet when you get on the method, will you be planning to haul a laptop computer around with you? What quantity time do you want to throw away browsing on the phone … and also simply what does it cost? is THAT anticipated to total up to?

Examine the web, surf, finish your research, view tv programs, however, obtain an excellent guide. You have to examine manuals much like you do your getaway. Examination to identify that it refers your trip style.

Ensure it is an existing version so the expertise will certainly be as updated as attainable. Points modify so fast that probably also the contemporary version can potentially be a little bit out-of-date. Which is when they update it every year. Countless are just upgraded every 2 or 3 years.

So, I hear you ask, does not that suggest that the Internet is better! A great deal much more on the ball? Well, we do support doing examination worldwide Wide Internet, yet the solution is still … take a fantastic manual. It is so valuable to have along with when you remain in the church or gallery, and also you have to review the descriptions. If you’re driving along, as well as your desire to identify just what you could locate in the charming small community you’re driving thru! You have actually obtained that overview of hand.

You could have the ability to lend an out-of-date one from a chum or obtain one at the previously owned publication store! They’ll be wonderful for galleries and also historical areas that have actually remained in presence permanently. I indicate to state, the summaries for those castles likely have not differed throughout a century or more. Yet sometimes opening up hrs change, or perhaps the days they are shut, or they can perhaps be shut for repair.

Having an old guide, you could well uncover oneself looking for a lodge or consuming place that has actually been shut down considering that the last version!

Travel overviews comparison in that they fulfill the demands of, so take a look at via lots of to identify which one has the understanding which you will certainly require. A great one will certainly help you ahead throughout holiday accommodations as well as eating facilities within your budget plan.

You have the ability to discover some that damage accommodations right into various kinds of cost array, facility, and also high-end getaway. Having that sort of details will certainly allow you to swiftly discover the accommodations or dining establishment which you will possibly be pleased with.

If your getaway to some location you have actually never ever been to prior to an excellent manual will certainly supply you with the understanding you call for to trip like an expert around the location.!. and also is not that much better compared to trying to bear in mind whatever you check out around the world-wide-web?

Do on your own a large support and also obtain a contemporary version of a guide whose writer you value analysis. It is feasible to also evaluate various via your library so you have the ability to seriously examine them before you buy one. Try a bookshop that focuses on a trip or one showcasing a huge getaway area so it is feasible to check out many varied publications. Obtain the one that appears to be the best fit your trip kind.

Your journey ought to go far a lot more efficiently when you have actually obtained the right information handy! That is the reason you should trip utilizing a guide publication. Another convincing fact, my friend who writes for says the best vacations are guided ones! You may never know what you can run into abroad!

Countries that you should be careful to travel to

There are some countries that you should visit without any problems. And there are some countries that you should not go to, period. However, there are some countries that you can go to, but that you should be careful at. Countries that can make your stay a risk. You need to remember that you can go to these countries, but you should just make sure about safety and other precautions that will ensure that you stay safe.

The Bahamas

The first thing that you need to know is that the Bahamas isn’t unsafe because of terrorists, but because of weather problems that might occur there.

The Bahamas is one of those places that are getting frequent hurricanes, and it isn’t always known when one is going to strike. This is why you should make sure about any weather chanced before you are making your booking in the Bahamas.


Columbia isn’t really as unsafe as some of the other countries in the world, but there are some safety issues in some parts of Columbia because of drug trafficking.

You can visit this country, without being in any danger, but you should just be careful about going to some parts of Columbia where the violence is the highest.


This might come as a surprise to many people, but Haiti is also a destination where you need to make sure about safety before you can undertake your trip there. This isn’t just about violence, but because this is a place where poverty is high, there are a couple of dangers that you should consider. Especially, when there are bad weather conditions. Their buildings aren’t built to last, and it can be dangerous in a heavy storm.


There are many reasons why you should be careful of going to Kenya for your holiday. One of these reasons is the terrorist attacks that there is and the fact that this is a country where you can get sick if you don’t take any serious precautions. This is one of those countries, where not many people are going to, because of poverty and the violence that you might encounter.


With Mexico, you need to know that there are parts of this country that are safe to go, and where you can have a great time. However, there are some parts that you should stay away from. Gangs and violence is the order of the day, and not even tourists will be safe. You need to make sure that you know what parts are safe and what parts you should stay away from.

There are a couple of countries that you can visit, but where you need to be careful at. Countries that might cause some safety issues because of weather or violence. It is important that you are considering these things before you can decide to choose your destination for your next holiday.